What Makes Spruce Special

Photo by Susan Woog Wagner

Photo by Susan Woog Wagner

I'm well aware that spending money on interior design is a straight-up luxury. Particularly during such dismal days—when supporting non-profits such as Planned Parenthood and RAICES rank high on the priority list—it's almost unjustifiable to splurge on fancy interior design services unless you have a huge bank account. 

But our homes are our safe spaces, and they should make us feel happy and at ease. Rooms that don't function well or don't reflect our values, perspective or needs are frustrating. There's also a good chance that your space doesn't need a total overhaul. You might already have a few pieces of furniture you love or a layout that's only halfway working for you. And is your style classic with a modern edge? Traditional with a bohemian twist? Does it even need to be defined (short answer: no)?

One of the many ways Spruce is different from other e-design services is the level of personalization I bring to the table...or chair...or lamp. In my design questionnaire, I've included personal questions not typically considered about life details and family needs and even how you met your partner. I'll let a recent client explain it from her perspective: 

"Jourdan's service is so personal and personalized. She culled through years of my social media posts to learn my interests and style to put together pieces that she thought I would like. She also got swatches of my wall paint and pulled coordinating paint colors and fabric swatches that she sent to me in the actual mail. I bet the big design websites don't do any of this! Jourdan also listened carefully to my requests regarding color scheme and had the good sense to suggest pieces that were pet-friendly, childproof and practical, in addition to being beautiful and budget conscious."

When the client mentioned that her mother-in-law was a photographer and they liked her images, I scoured MIL's website for a photo to include on the requested gallery wall.  The one I landed one has great colors, and I love the carefree, child-like feeling it evokes—which is perfect for this young family's first home. That single photo became the starting point for the entire room. Below is the gallery wall I designed featuring images that are very personal (see: baby) and very pretty (see: baby, again). Going that extra mile to make someone happy will always be worth the journey for me.

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Jourdan Fairchild