In just a few short weeks, I'll dream up a new vision for your space. Our relationship will be fully collaborative—and I promise it'll be fun! Here's a brief explanation of how it'll all go down:


1) Let's get to know each other.

I’ve learned to always start with questions—the right questions. Usually simple. Never intimidating.
What room(s) do you want to makeover? What's your budget (whether it's $2,000 or $20,000, my attention to detail remains the same)?

I'll ask you for an initial deposit, photos and measurements of the space, and send you a style quiz so I can hone in on what you're into and what you're not.


2) I get to work.

What sets me apart is my attention to personal details. Using answers from my style quiz, I'll incorporate pieces that tell your story and meet your needs. I'll create a mood board that includes color palette and larger pieces that set the tone for the room, and I'll send it your way so you can weigh in on the creative direction and provide feedback.


3. You get the goods.

I'll send you a final room design, a shopping list of links, as well as 3-D layout that shows you exactly where to put each piece. At this point, it's totally up to you what and when you make purchases.

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