Jourdan’s designs just make so much sense with what we already have and our style in a way I never, ever would have been able to pull off myself. I can’t really describe how amazing it is to have everything all picked out that’s totally my taste and also just feels so human and practical.
— Jasmine Moir Firchau
I can get easily overwhelmed with home projects (so many options!), but working with Jourdan made the process so simple and so fun. Her style is cool, effortless and accessible, and her enthusiasm for your home is contagious. She has an incredible eye for detail, thinks outside the box and blends a range of price points, meaning you’re not dropping a fortune on every room. The best part? I live several states away from her, and we did it all virtually. I am sure I’ll be hiring her again in the future, and in the meantime, spreading the word to anyone who will listen.
— Molly Each
Spruce stands out because it’s so personalized. Jourdan culled through years of social media posts to learn my interests and style. She pulled fabric swatches that complemented my existing wall paint and sent them in the actual mail (I bet the big design websites don’t do any of this!), and carefully listened to all of my requests. She also had the good sense to suggest pieces that were pet-friendly, childproof and practical, in addition to being beautiful and budget-conscious.
— Jessica Wagner
When I signed a lease on a tiny, very old dairy barn to convert to my new photography studio, I thought I might be crazy. It was very dark, very busy, and I had no idea how to even start. Jourdan was able to translate my lack of design lingo into a very tangible concept, absorbing every idea I mentioned, even in passing. Not only was her vision hip and on-trend, it was perfect for my style and my brand. And maybe most shocking of all, when she provided me with my final shopping list, she came in UNDER budget!
— Lis Romine Tyroler